Five African Countries That Manufactures Cars On Their Own

These are the major car producers in Africa that have companies that manufacture cars on their own.

  • Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co, LTD. (Nigeria)
  • The Kiira EV Smack (Uganda)

This one is just so cool!

This truck is obviously man-made by African craftsman but it’s so awesome I had to include it here.

  • Advanced Automotive Design (South Africa)

Is it just me or this one looks like an old Plymouth Prowler?

I also found out numerous other private cars company owned by African billionaires like Perana Performance Group (South Africa), Birkin Cars (South Africa), Saroukh el-Jamahiriya (Libya), Bailey Edwards Cars (South Africa) and other private project like the wind and solar powered car (Nigeria), which uses solar power in the day and wind power during the night, created by students in Nigeria.

So to answer the question, we can say that the major car producing countries in Africa are: South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and Kenya.

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