Here Are The Benefits Of A Dual Camera Phone Over A Single Camera Phone

In nowadays, we have seen a lot of Smartphones including the mid Rangers and the flagship ones are coming with dual camera setup not only at the rear but also at the front. This Trend was started by iPhone 7 plus and now reaching a milestone to the mid tier Mi A1 and many allotment smartphones in that price range. In this article, we will study some of the pairs of dual camera setup.

RGB and Monochrome setup

In this type of dual camera setup first sensor that is the main sensor is a colour sensor which is way to capture colorful images. This sensor is mainly a normal sensor that is present in your smartphone. But the second sensor in this type of setup is a monochrome sensor means that it captures images in black and white format. The main advantage of using this type of setup is that after taking a colourful shot by first camera and a black and white short by second camera, phone automatically combines both the images resulting in the great detailed and quality image. This sensor also helps the cameras to capture great images even in the low light.

A Monochrome and a RGB setup

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By using lenses

This type of setup is divided into many parts based on the lenses which is used in it. Mainly there are two types of lenses used here. The first one is a telephoto lens or a zoom lens. This lens is used to Zoom in the image at the time of capturing without losing its quality. This answer can be helpful to you many times as if you or capturing an image of a landscape which is somewhat far from you. So, you can very easily women the image without losing its quality. The second lens is the wide angle lens which is actually used in most of the dual camera smartphones. This lens actually allows you to capture the image with a great field of view. In common words, you can actually increase the area of the image that is to be captured.

Hybrid Setup

This type of dual camera setup is mainly a mixture of more than two setups at the same time. Actually, this setup can also be of more that two cameras at the rear this can be quad cameras at rear or front, ten cameras or even more that that.

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