Samsung Accidentally Published The Launch Video For The Galaxy S9 Early

As if the Galaxy S9 hadn’t been leaked enough before its official announcement at MWC, Samsung accidentally went and uploaded its launch video. Although Samsung immediately removed the video from YouTube, it didn’t stop others from reuploading it…

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As expected, this video highlights some of the Galaxy S9 and S9+’s features such as improved productivity, new Bixby features, and more.

As seen in the video and earlier leaks, the overall design of the Galaxy S9 didn’t change much compared to last year’s flagship. Instead, the South Korean company is focusing on the device’s camera and the software behind it. While the video doesn’t give us a look at the rumored variable aperture, Samsung did show off the phone’s ability to use AR right from the camera app.

Also in the video, we get a quick look at the new DeX Pad that leaked several weeks back. It seems like we will still need to plug a monitor into the Pad, but as the phone is laying flat in front of you, the Galaxy S9’s screen doubles as a touchpad and keyboard when needed.

Other features showed off in the video include water resistance, Samsung’s own app pairing software, Knox 3.1 security, biometric facial recognition, and much more.

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