NTel Is Giving Away 10GB Free Data To New Customers in WAWU Promo, Here Is How To Get Yours


Ntel wawu sim is a new promo the company introduced few weeks ago that offers all subscribers a massive 10GB of data + 500% double data bonus when you subscribe to any data plan on Ntel. Apart from the massive bonuses, you also cheap call rate of 8kb/sec from the bonus you get after the data purchase.

In other word, one of the benefits or advantages of this promo is you get 1GB of data when you purchase Ntel wawu SIM and it will last for a period of 48 hours after purchase and you’ll also get a whooping free 10GB data which valid for 30 days.

Meanwhile, the free 500% data bonus given to you when you buy a data plan valids for a year.

If you subscribe for Ntel monthly data plan of N500 which is 1GB, you’ll receive 6GB data.

When you subscribe for N1000 data which gives 2GB, you will receive 12GB and the same applies to the voice and other data plan.

Other bonuses includes unlimited 2 days night plan for N500. Unlimited 7days night plan for N1500 and 30 days for N5000.

Note that the 8kb/sec cheap call rate can be used to call every networks in Nigeria.

The Ntel SIM works on all 4G smartphones and universal modems. This offer will last till 30th of April 2018.


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