Start Getting #2000 Or More Per Day Using Topup Africa App, How To Start Getting Free Airtime (MONEY) With Topup Africa App, How To Get Free Airtime On All Networks(Mtn, Glo, 9mobile & Airtel)

According to the description on Playstore,TopUp Africa gives you
24/7 access to variety of services, such as Airtime of all Networks in Nigeria, Electricity Bills Payment, Pay-Tv and Internet Subscriptions, etc. as well as fund transfer to all bank accounts in Nigeria. You can pay for any of these services with just a click and interestingly, you are rewarded with instant CASHBACK!

TopUp Africa helps you to start your own business with minimal capital by allowing you to retail services such as Airtime of all Networks in Nigeria, Electricity (Prepaid/Postpaid), Pay-Tv and Internet Subscriptions, etc.
It is a one-stop-shop for wide spectrum of services and your mobile phone is your shop! With TopUp Africa, we give profits you cannot get anywhere else. Become TopUp Africa Agent today!

• Referral Bonus
• Free Chat
• Support Chat
• Agent-to-Agent Transfer
• Profit-to-Profit Transfer
• Payment History of all Transactions
• Group Payment (on the web)
• Instant credit using debit card
• Account Manager.
TopUp Africa is easy, convenient, fast and rewarding.

* Firstly, download the TopUp Africa App Apk here
* Enter your details which includes
password or fingerprint and after verification, you now have an account
* Now, to earn money, you need to buy airtime, send money, pay for GoTv, DSTV or startimes or PHCN or any other bills available on the app. Once, you pay via the app, you get some cash back.
* But you can also earn money from the app without spending a dime. This is made possible through referral bonuses . When you refer someone and he registers, you get free N100 . The more you refer, the more you get free money. It’s as simple as that.

To get your referral link on TopUp Africa App, click on SHARE AND EARN. Then share to Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp and any other place of your choice.
As I said earlier, you can use the bonus to subscribe for data plans, pay bills and so on.

Note: The money you earn with your Topup Africa App can be transferred directly to your bank account, so what are you waiting for?Download TopUp Africa App now and start referring people.
Also note that people you refer don’t need to buy card or pay bills with the App before you get your referral bonus, immediately they sign up, you will receive your referral bonus. Start Referring people now and earn a lot of money.

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