Shocking Story Of Tech Millionaire Jason Njoku, CEO Of iROKOtv

Jason Njoku is a Nigerian Entrepreneur, the Co-Founder of and CEO of iROKOtv, an online platform for streaming Nollywood Films.

iROKOtv was Jason Njoku’s 11th attempt at starting a business. After a number of failed enterprises, which included a blog network, a T-shirt business and a web design company, Jason Njoku came up with the idea of establishing a new distribution platform for Nollywood.

He was 30 years old when he had the idea and living under his mother’s roof. Jason Njoku upon having this awesome idea took the time to study the Nigeria movie industry from afar.

Thanks to the financial aid of his best friend Bastian Gotter, Jason Njoku started purchasing the online licences of Nollywood movies. He worked from a two-bedroom apartment in Festac, Lagos.

With a lot of hard work, he secured a deal with YouTube in Germany to be the official channel partner for Nollywood company.

Together with his friend Bastian Gotter, they established NollywoodLove in 2010, a YouTube channel which was profitable within two months of its inception and that was the beginning of great things. An article by Sarah Lacy who was a staff at Tech Crunch, helped NollywoodLove catch their attention of US-based venture capital fund Tiger Global, early investors in Facebook.

Tiger global invested in the idea of Jason Njoku’s platform and iROKOtv was born on 1 December 2011.

iROKOtv, the pioneer platform for streaming of Nollywood films registered 570,000 users in its first seven months. iROKOtv, has been hailed as the “Netflix of Africa.”

Having come from humble beginnings and had several failed business efforts in the past John Njoku has now built a wealth generating platform that’s changing the face of Nollywood. iROKOtv Partners is now the fastest growing internet company in Nigeria and it is one of YouTube’s biggest African with distribution deals with Dailymotion, iTunes, Amazon and Vimeo.

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